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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was terms.

Last in Parliament October 2019, as Conservative MP for Lambton—Kent—Middlesex (Ontario)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 50% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns December 3rd, 2018

With regard to the tweet by the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister on October 15, 2018, that “It is federal law that the revenue raised from pollution pricing must be returned to the province in which it was raised” and the fact that the GST is charged on top of a carbon tax: how will the government be returning the increased federal GST revenue resulting from the carbon tax to the provinces?

Questions Passed as Orders for Returns December 3rd, 2018

With regard to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) forcing individuals to pay income tax on overpayments made by Service Canada, despite the requirement for all overpayments to be paid back to the government: (a) does the Minister of National Revenue approve of her department’s policy; (b) what is the total amount of revenue which the CRA incurred as a result of overpayments, since January 1, 2016; (c) what is the total amount of revenue which has been returned to taxpayers as a result of a tax reversal, following the return of overpayments mentionned in (b); (d) why is a tax reversal not automatic when the overpayment as a result of government error is repaid; (e) has the Minister responsible for Service Canada and the Minister of National Revenue met to discuss this matter and, if so, on what dates, and what decisions were made at such meetings; and (f) does the Minister of National Revenue believe that it is fair for taxpayers to be forced to pay income tax as a result of Service Canada errors, even though the income has to be repaid to the government?

Questions on the Order Paper December 3rd, 2018

With regard to forensic toxicology tests and the National Forensic Laboratory Services (NFLS) section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: (a) how many blood tests were conducted by the NFLS from 2015 to date, broken down by year; (b) how many blood tests are projected to be conducted by the NFLS in (i) 2019, (ii) 2020, (iii) 2021; (c) what is the projected yearly budgetary increase required for the NFLS as a result of the legalization of cannabis; and (d) what is the projected increase in turnaround time for test results as a result of the legalization of cannabis?

Royal Canadian Legion and Ladies' Auxiliary November 20th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, Remembrance Day, November 11, 2018, has passed, but the work of our local Royal Canadian Legions and Ladies' Auxiliaries continues.

The legions are integral organizations in many of our communities. In my riding of Lambton—Kent—Middlesex, there are 19 legions. Through the well know poppy campaign and other fundraising events, they provide support to veterans, Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members in active duty, as well as their families. They keep alive the memory of the courage and sacrifice of those who served our country.

The legions are also involved in community activities, including support for youth and seniors. In all this, the Ladies' Auxiliaries provide vital financial and volunteer assistance. The work would not get done without them.

I thank the Legion and Ladies' Auxiliary members in Lambton—Kent—Middlesex and across Canada for all they do.

Business of Supply November 19th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, the parliamentary secretary for finance said that this was really complex, basically thinking that we did not understand the financial part. Was it in 2015 that the Prime Minister promised many hundreds of times that he would balance the budget in 2019? Is it more complex now than it was in 2015 when he made that promise?

It is interesting how well the economy is doing. Investments in Canada by the U.S. are down 62%. Canada's investments in the U.S. are up 52%. The economy should be doing well, because the global economy is doing well. However, what is happening is that the Liberals are draining the pot dry. I would ask my colleague if it is irresponsibility or incompetence when the Liberals will not talk to us about when they can balance the budget.

Business of Supply November 19th, 2018

Madam Speaker, it is interesting that in 2015 a great promise was made. The member talked about the complexity. I am assuming the complexity is that the promises made in 2015 are no different than the promises made now.

The former Conservative government paid down $37 billion in debt.

When the economy is good and there is no money to pay down the debt, how is the government going to pay it down when a crisis comes? Could you give us a date for when you will balance the budget?

Budget Implementation Act, 2018 No. 2 November 1st, 2018

Madam Speaker, the member's last statement was actually the most truthful. People will not believe the changes the Liberal government has made. In a time of a strong economy, with 3% growth, the Liberal government now has a $60-billion debt that has been added to a total debt of $675 billion, which Canadians will be required to pay interest on. That is incredible.

If jobs cannot be created in a strong economy, I suspect that Canadians will have to rely on members on this side of the House to bail them out when the crisis and deflation come.

I am wondering if you could tell me why U.S. investment in Canada has dropped 66% while Canadian investment in the United States has gone up 52%.

National Defence Act October 1st, 2018

Mr. Speaker, I find it almost offensive that the government is saying that we are putting roadblocks in the way of democracy, in the way of discussion, in front of something where we want to have the debate, where we do agree on the Victims Bill of Rights for the military.

It will be interesting to see, when the bill gets to committee, how many amendments may come forward and will get addressed to improve it. One of the concerns is that we on this side want to ensure this debate is fulsome. We want to ensure that the relevant points are brought out. Therefore, it may be the only time that those of us on this side of the House get an opportunity to have input on the bill or the amendments. Is there a concern that this is a roadblock or are we just talking about democracy and its full right here?

Agriculture September 25th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, we know that agriculture is the backbone of the Canadian economy. The International Plowing Match was held last week in Chatham-Kent near Pain Court on 850 acres of land in Lambton—Kent—Middlesex. This annual event is one of the best in Canada that celebrates our agriculture industry and provides learning experiences for urban and rural folks and thousands of school children. It would not have been possible without the help of 1,000 volunteers who dedicated time, land and resources.

In particular, I want to thank Jean Marie and Lucile Laprise, the host farmers, and the co-chairs Leon Leclair and Darrin Canniff. The IPM was a great opportunity to showcase one of the most productive agricultural areas in Canada and to talk about career opportunities in our agriculture industry. Thanks again to all of the volunteers.

Petitions September 19th, 2018

Mr. Speaker, I have a petition with a number of signatures regarding the Canadian Charter of Rights and the freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of belief as fundamental freedoms. This goes back to the Canada summer jobs program and the attestation requiring applicants to hold the same views as the government, which would likely contravene the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The petitioners therefore ask the Prime Minister to defend those freedoms of conscience, thought and belief and withdraw the requirement for the applicants to the Canada summer jobs program to attest to these.