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Crucial Fact

  • Her favourite word was quebec.

Last in Parliament March 2011, as Bloc MP for Beauharnois—Salaberry (Québec)

Lost her last election, in 2015, with 28% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Afghanistan November 15th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, not only did the Prime Minister promise in his election platform that Parliament would be consulted before any military mission, but on May 10, 2006, in response to a question from the Leader of the Bloc Québécois, the Prime Minister also reiterated his promise of “holding votes on new commitments”, a promise that came up again in the 2007 throne speech.

Does the Prime Minister realize that he broke his promise by announcing that the military mission would be extended without consulting Parliament?

Afghanistan November 15th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister claims that he does not need the House to vote on sending 600 to 1,000 soldiers to Afghanistan. But in his 2005-06 election platform he said, “A Conservative government will...make Parliament responsible for exercising oversight over the...commitment of Canadian Forces to foreign operations”.

Will the Prime Minister admit that by announcing that he is extending Canada's military mission in Afghanistan without consulting Parliament, he is reneging on an important election promise?

Petitions November 1st, 2010

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to present to the House of Commons a petition signed by nearly 5,000 citizens from my riding who are asking the Government of Canada to commit to reviewing its decision to close the Franklin border crossing on April 1, 2011. I would like to point out that this decision was made without informing elected officials from the affected municipalities, businesses, citizens or our American neighbours. No consultations or public meetings were organized by the Canada Border Services Agency to explain the decision and the possible alternatives to municipal authorities and the merchants using this border point.

I would like to point out that this border crossing is important for our economy and the tourism sector, for the safety of our residents and the village of Franklin's viability.

Decorum in the House October 28th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives promised they would do their part to improve decorum in the House, but they keep spouting nonsense as a diversionary tactic.

The Conservatives are in hot water these days, what with rumours of patronage, collusion with contractors and backroom financing deals swirling around their heads. In an effort to deflect attention and avoid facing the music and answering the allegations against them, the only thing they can come up with is to try discrediting the opposition with low blows and cheap shots. They are making unfounded statements out of pure demagoguery with a distinctly Conservative flavour. It is unfortunate that the person who should be leading by example, the Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, is contributing to this overheated environment.

Instead of looking for problems where there are none, the Conservatives should take a good look at their own caucus. There is an elephant in the House.

Committees of the House October 27th, 2010

The members of the Bloc Québécois will be voting in favour of this motion.

Committees of the House October 27th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, the members of the Bloc Québécois are voting in favour of this motion.

Strengthening Aviation Security Act October 26th, 2010

The members of the Bloc Québécois will be voting yes, except for the member for Chicoutimi—Le Fjord.

Canada-Panama Free Trade Act October 26th, 2010

The members of the Bloc Québécois will be voting no.

Public Works and Government Services October 25th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, this situation reeks of favouritism. The selection criteria were modified to favour a construction company. This company obtained the contract with the help of a Conservative lobbyist. It organized a cocktail fundraiser and the Conservatives' lieutenant was there to pass the hat.

How can the Prime Minister turn a blind eye to this system in which money from government contracts ends up in his own party's campaign coffers?

Public Works and Government Services October 25th, 2010

Mr. Speaker, one week before the Conservative government put together the short list of contractors qualified to restore the West Block, the selection criteria were modified. Without this last-minute modification, LM Sauvé, a company that paid $140,000 to a Conservative lobbyist, would never have obtained the contract.

How does the government explain this last-minute modification, which enabled a contractor, recommended by a Conservative activist, to obtain a generous $9 million contract?