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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was post.

Last in Parliament October 2019, as Liberal MP for Thérèse-De Blainville (Québec)

Lost his last election, in 2019, with 36% of the vote.

Statements in the House

U.S. Decision Regarding Travel Ban January 31st, 2017

Hypocrisy makes my skin crawl, Madam Speaker.

Some people are making comments and using tragic situations to score political points, saying things that are completely false, and trying to lecture to a government that has accepted 40,000 Syrian refugees. It is shameful to hear things like that from the other side of the House. I am a Syrian Canadian myself, and after 40,000 Syrians have come here, you are telling me that the current government is doing nothing. What do you have to say—

Syria December 12th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I rise in the House today with a very heavy heart but determined to do all I can so that, together, we will work to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of people experiencing the daily horrors of the war in Aleppo, Syria, the city where I was born, receive emergency aid.

Aleppo is being bombed, but those attacks must stop in order to allow humanitarian aid and medical assistance to get through to families and children. Canada led a resolution at the United Nations to demand an immediate cessation of hostilities in Syria and prompt action to help the victims in Syria. That resolution passed with the resounding support of 122 countries.

I invite all members of the House to join our government in encouraging all parties involved to stop blocking humanitarian assistance and to respect international humanitarian law and human rights in Syria.

National Child Day November 17th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, National Child Day in Canada is November 20.

I had the pleasure of celebrating National Child Day by talking with members of the Académie Ste-Thérèse student representative council at the instigation of UNICEF Canada. I was impressed to find that these young people are involved, informed, and able to think critically about school and community issues that matter to them.

I would like to congratulate prime minister Julien Lavergne Roberge, vice prime minister Philippe Tremblay, moderator Anthony Nasrallah, their 33 student council colleagues, and their teacher, Tollof Nelson, for his work. They are an example to us all.

I invite my colleagues to celebrate National Child Day and to continue listening to young people's concerns and interests. Our children are the future of our society and the leaders of tomorrow.

Thérèse-De Blainville October 24th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, today is a special day. Here in the House of Commons we are working for all Canadians and of course for the people of our ridings.

We are used to commuting between our riding and Ottawa, but it is rare for our constituents to travel here. Today, however, is an exception for more than 50 elected municipal officials and social and economic leaders from my riding, Thérèse-De Blainville. I organized a special day for them to learn more about the institution of Parliament and to meet with ministers, members, and senior officials from various departments.

I am sure that the people of Thérèse-De Blainville will benefit from this experience today.

I want us to work together in order to make a difference to the well-being of the riding of Thérèse-De Blainville.

I want to thank every one of you for participating and agreeing to take part in this day. Welcome to Ottawa.

Thérèse-De Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gala June 14th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, on June 3, over 350 people met to celebrate the 30th edition of Gala Stellar, hosted by the Thérèse-De Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I am pleased to congratulate Alain Martineau, the general manager of Caisse Desjardins de l'Envolée, who received a special award, the Michèle-Bohec award, for his outstanding social involvement and professional accomplishments.

The Michèle-Bohec award was created in honour of an outstanding business woman from our region and the founder of the Thérèse-De Blainville Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I would also like to congratulate Pierre Chartrand, who received the Jean-Marc Boisvert award in recognition of his remarkable career and social involvement.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all of the other award winners at the gala who are a shining example of the excellence, talent, and vitality of the Thérèse-De Blainville RCM business community.

Business of Supply June 13th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague for his speech on marijuana.

I wish I could have understood him. It is always dangerous when a Conservative analyzes scientific studies, since, once again, all we get are scientific answers being cobbled together.

I would like to hear what my hon. colleague would think if he were to go back to the days of alcohol prohibition. Do we need to return to a time when alcohol was prohibited here? Should tobacco also not be legalized?

I would like to hear my colleague's thoughts on this.

Xavier Dolan June 2nd, 2016

Mr. Speaker, every year Canadian films are selected for the most prestigious international film festivals and events and win many awards. This year is no exception. I rise today to recognize the tremendous success of director Xavier Dolan at this year's Cannes Film Festival for his latest film, Juste la fin du monde, or “It's Only the End of the World”. Mr. Dolan won the Grand Prix in the official competition, as well as the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury.

His talent, sensitivity, and unique creativity have taken Mr. Dolan to impressive heights. He is part of a pool of Canadian audio-visual artists who have distinguished themselves and shine on the international stage. Canada's audio-visual industry helps promote our culture and is an important sector of our economy. Our government is proud to invest over $70 million in that industry every year.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, congratulations, Mr. Dolan.

Aerospace Industry May 30th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, the aerospace sector is one of the most innovative in the country. The industry includes more than 180,000 quality jobs in Canada. Bell Helicopter Textron Canada recently announced the relocation of assembly operations to Mirabel, Quebec, which will maintain and create about 100 jobs.

Could the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development tell the House about the role played by the Government of Canada in relocating this assembly line?

Health May 18th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, when the world's population is affected by epidemics such as Zika, Canada does what it takes to protect its citizens and support the work being done abroad.

Although the risk that Zika poses in Canada is very small, we still need to be vigilant and prepared.

Can the Minister of Health inform the House of what Canada is doing to combat the Zika virus both here and abroad?

International Development May 10th, 2016

Mr. Speaker, the world has made remarkable progress in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, in large part due to support for partnerships such as the Global Fund.

We are now at a turning point, and the next generation could be the first to live in a world free of these three diseases. The measures we are adopting today are decisive for the future of our children.

Can the Minister of International Development and La Francophonie tell the House what Canada intends to do to sustain the momentum in the fight against these three diseases?