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Committees of the House  Madam Speaker, I understand the urgency. We have seen far too often acts of genocide, whether in Rwanda, in northern Iraq or even in Burma. It is unfortunate that countries and states are acting after the fact. It is unfortunate that this still happens. The member said

November 7th, 2018House debate

Marwan TabbaraLiberal

Foreign Affairs   have been always willing to raise and confront issues of fundamental human rights, whether that involves Iran, Saudi Arabia, China or the government of Burma. However, the Liberal government has been very slow and often unresponsive. I will ask again the question that I asked

October 17th, 2018House debate

Garnett GenuisConservative

Sikh Heritage Month Act   in that horrible conflict. They also fought bravely against the Japanese during World War II, in places like Malaysia, Burma and Italy. Long before large numbers of Sikhs opted to become Canadians, they shared a proud and honourable history with their Commonwealth allies. It is one

October 4th, 2018House debate

Martin ShieldsConservative

Procedure and House Affairs committee  Absolutely. However, this goes well beyond the issue of elections. It's a much larger problem than elections. It's a problem of great magnitude, and we've seen it in other countries, like Burma, where some terrible things have been happening because social media is basically

September 25th, 2018Committee meeting

Stéphane Perrault

Procedure and House Affairs committee   some form of partnership. Several of these signs were used during public Liberal campaign events, photo ops, and “Burma shaving” to demonstrate some kind of official support by the Green Party for the Liberal Party candidate. Several public statements were also made suggesting

June 7th, 2018Committee meeting

Angela Nagy

Foreign Affairs committee   this and there has been a lot of discussion about it here, but we have an unfolding genocide that we haven't been able to stop or hold people accountable for. We have the application of similar techniques in the abuse of other minorities in Burma—the Chin, the Kachin, and others—and the Burmese

June 6th, 2018Committee meeting

Garnett GenuisConservative

Foreign Affairs committee   to combat genocide and crimes against humanity, we have to be able to react in real time. Just as an observation, I've only been a member of Parliament for two and half years, and we've dealt with two major instances of genocide, one in Burma and one in Daesh-controlled areas of Syria

June 6th, 2018Committee meeting

Garnett GenuisConservative

Information & Ethics committee  That's my next question. When people are engaging SCL, Cambridge Analytica, or AggregateIQ, particularly for elections, what are they buying? What we were led to believe through AggregateIQ is that it's like Burma-Shave: you just put a little thing on Facebook, and they were

May 29th, 2018Committee meeting

Anita VandenbeldLiberal

Information & Ethics committee  I appreciate your very Canadian political term of “Burma-Shave”. I haven't heard that in a long time.

May 29th, 2018Committee meeting

Christopher Wylie

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee  Honourable Chair, honourable special envoy, and all members of Parliament, thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak today. I'm Rohingya. I was born and brought up in Arakan state in the western part of Burma. I left when I was about 17. Actually, my grandfather

April 24th, 2018Committee meeting

Tun Khin

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee   I was able to leave the country. I am lucky to be here today. Like me, more than one million Rohingya students cannot study, and their lives are being destroyed. That is what happened from 1962 to 2010. After 2010, when so-called democracy came to Burma, hate speech spread

April 24th, 2018Committee meeting

Tun Knin

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee   investments ourselves. In building that coalition, that group of like-minded countries, we have to recognize that while you say we've invested millions in Burma, we have historically done very little in Burma. For a long time there was virtually no economic or political relationship

April 24th, 2018Committee meeting

Bob Rae

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee  Thank you, Chair, and thank you, Mr. Rae, for the great work you've done with respect to this very dire situation. To begin, I want to seek some clarity. I know you've expressed an opinion that there are two governments in Burma or Myanmar, one being the civilian and one being

April 24th, 2018Committee meeting

Iqra KhalidLiberal

Subcommittee on International Human Rights committee   Suu Kyi is an honorary citizen of Canada. We've invested millions in the development of democratic institutions in Burma. We also have a history of bringing international pressure against the South African government and making sure that the collapse of apartheid happened

April 24th, 2018Committee meeting

David SweetConservative

Information & Ethics committee   clients. Let me explain that a little bit. During an election, politicians from all parties go out into their communities. They put up signs on busy street corners and on supporters' lawns. They do burma-shaves on the side of the road, waving at passing cars. There are coffee

April 24th, 2018Committee meeting

Jeff Silvester