An Act to amend the Old Age Security Act (amount of full pension)


Andréanne Larouche  Bloc

Introduced as a private member’s bill. (These don’t often become law.)


Second reading (House), as of March 16, 2023

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This is from the published bill. The Library of Parliament often publishes better independent summaries.

This enactment amends the Old Age Security Act to increase the amount of the full pension to which all pensioners aged 65 or older are entitled by 10% and to raise the exemption for a person’s employment income or self-employed earnings that is taken into account in determining the amount of the guaranteed income supplement from $5,000 to $6,500.


All sorts of information on this bill is available at LEGISinfo, an excellent resource from the Library of Parliament. You can also read the full text of the bill.

Old Age Security ActRoutine Proceedings

March 8th, 2023 / 5 p.m.
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Andréanne Larouche Bloc Shefford, QC

moved for leave to introduce Bill C‑319, An Act to amend the Old Age Security Act (amount of full pension).

Mr. Speaker, I am honoured to rise in the House today to introduce a bill to improve the financial health of seniors.

This bill essentially contains two parts. The first part aims to eliminate the discrimination that currently exists on the basis of age. We are asking that all seniors receive the 10% increase in old age security starting at age 65, not just those aged 75 and over. The second part aims to raise the eligibility threshold for the guaranteed income supplement to $6,500, without cutting it, for seniors who decide to remain in the workforce.

With these two measures, which increase both the basic amount and the working income of seniors, we aim to ensure that they can better cope with inflation. That is the least we can do to allow seniors to live in dignity.

(Motions deemed adopted, bill read the first time and printed)