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Crucial Fact

  • His favourite word was industry.

Last in Parliament October 2019, as Independent MP for Beauce (Québec)

Won his last election, in 2015, with 59% of the vote.

Statements in the House

Industry May 4th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, in the budget it tabled this week, this new government finally gave tax breaks to all Canadians and Quebeckers, to small businesses in Beauce and throughout Quebec and Canada, and to big business.

Our new budget will benefit 90% of Canadians. We are improving Canada's competitiveness, which will be good for business and for the country.

Industry May 4th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, my colleague opposite is asking for loan guarantees in the forestry sector. What the government has to offer people in the forestry sector is not loan guarantees, but a guarantee of repayment, the guarantee to have free access to the American market without duties or quotas, the guarantee of a bright future for workers in the manufacturing sector.

People voted for real change on January 23, and that is what they got.

Research and Development May 1st, 2006

Mr. Speaker, it is too bad that my hon. colleague was not in Quebec City on Friday, where it was my pleasure to announce an investment of $85.7 million in basic research in Canada.

Research and Development May 1st, 2006

Mr. Speaker, my colleague, an hon. member of this House, knows very well that research and development is a priority. It is what drives this country's economic growth. He will see, very soon, that research is something we support on this side of the House.

Softwood Lumber April 26th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, we wish to arrive at a final and long-term solution to the softwood lumber issue. The loan guarantees were an election promise. In due course, and if necessary, there will be a program on the table.

Gasoline Prices April 26th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister was clear: we want to reduce the tax burden on all Canadians by reducing the GST immediately. That was our election promise and that is what we intend to do. It is very clear.

All Canadians and all fuel consumers will benefit.

Softwood Lumber April 25th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, I would just reiterate the position I took last week, which is the official position of our government and our department. It is very simple. This government is prepared to work together with the Americans to find a long-term solution to the conflict. If this long-term solution is found, the House will be informed in due course.

Softwood Lumber April 11th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, we plan to work with communities across Canada to make the softwood lumber industry the most competitive in the country and to ensure that it continues to create jobs as it has done in recent years.

Softwood Lumber April 11th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, we have been working since January 23 to resolve this issue left to us by the previous government after four years of failed discussions with the Americans. We will succeed in making the softwood lumber industry prosperous and competitive in the coming years.

Softwood Lumber April 11th, 2006

Mr. Speaker, the softwood lumber companies are asking us to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Their money is there: $5.3 billion is dormant in the United States and the previous government is to blame.

We will correct the situation and act according to the demands of the industry and in the interest of Canadians.