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That the amendment be amended by adding after the word “cuts” the following:

“, and reject the government's budgetary policy because it does nothing to improve the worsening living conditions and opportunity gaps facing Aboriginal people, fails to present any plan that fosters long-term, sustainable prosperity and equal opportunity for all Canadians, deliberately excludes low-income Canadians from qualifying for new tax measures by failing to make them refundable tax credits, abandons the federal government's role in the development and maintenance of affordable housing, continues to display a lack of federal leadership on healthcare, particularly by ignoring the need to begin negotiations with the provinces on the successor to the 2004 Health Accord, and leaves Canadians in the dark as to which programs and services will be cut in order to meet the government's deficit projections”.

See context in the Debates.


Yes 133
NDP Liberal Green
No 159
Conservative Bloc


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