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That the motion be amended by:

( a) substituting the word “consent” with the word “support” and the word “consents” with the word “supports”;

( b) adding after the word “therefore” the words “, with the objective of protecting civilians,”;

( c) adding after the words “with UNSC Resolution 1973;” the words “, the House supports an increase Canada's humanitarian assistance to those affected by the crisis and efforts to strengthen Canada's support for the diplomatic efforts outlined in UNSCR 1973 to reach a ceasefire leading to a Libyan-led political transition, and supports the government's commitment to not deploy Canadian ground troops;”;

( d) adding after the words “war by the Libyan regime;” the words “and supports Canada's participation in the international effort in investigating, preventing and prosecuting these alleged crimes;”; and

( e) adding after the words “under UNSC Resolution 1973” the words “, and appreciates the government’s full and continued cooperation on committee meetings and the sharing of information in accordance with the highest levels of transparency practiced by our partners in the operation”.

See context in the Debates.


Yes 294
Conservative NDP Bloc Liberal
No 1


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