C-11 An Act to amend the Copyright Act

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That Bill C-11, in Clause 47, be amended by adding after line 26 on page 47 the following:

“41.101 (1) No one shall apply, or cause to be applied, a technological protection measure to a work or other subject-matter that is intended to be offered for use by members of the public by sale, rental or otherwise unless the work or other subject-matter is accompanied by a clearly visible notice indicating

( a) that a technological protection measure has been applied to the work; and

( b) the capabilities, compatibilities and limitations imposed by the technological protection measure, including, where applicable, but without limitation

(i) any requirement that particular software must be installed, either automatically or with the user's consent, in order to access or use the work or other subject-matter,

(ii) any requirement for authentication or authorization via a network service in order to access or use the work or other subject-matter,

(iii) any known incompatibility with ordinary consumer devices that would reasonably be expected to operate with the work or other subject-matter, and

(iv) any limits imposed by the technological protection measure on the ability to make use of the rights granted under section 29, 29.1, 29.2, 29.21, 29.22, 29.23 or 29.24; and

( c) contact information for technical support or consumer inquiries in relation to the technological protection measure.

(2) The Governor in Council may make regulations prescribing the form and content of the notice referred to in subsection (1).”

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  • Yes 39
  • No 245
  • Green Liberal Bloc
  • NDP Conservative